PHP Weekly Reader – March 23th 2008

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I’m a little late with the Weekly Reader, I spent some time with my family on Sunday and a hectic day at work on Monday. Luckily there wasn’t much going on in my reader this last week that just had to be here, so this will be short otherwise it won’t make it out before next weeks review.

Zend again

You really have to admire the way the ZF community keeps up the flow of information about the Zend Framework. Other open source PHP projects should learn from this, create some buzz! Zend Framework announced the release of Zend Framework 1.5 Go see the reaction of a true fan too cute if you like cute. There are even some tutorials available already.

Wiki vs. unWiki

PHP has a new wiki and Drupal explains why they won’t have a wiki.


A lot of buzz going on about the upcoming Google Summer of Code. I started to point to all the ideas and announcements but it seems they are all listed over on the PHP wiki, go look at it, it is an interesting list.


Just like last week there wasn’t very much code out there to play with but here is a bit to think about. Ruby-style mixins in PHP, … its not Ruby so why waste time trying go program in Ruby or use interfaces and delegation at least thats my opinion. This cracked me up go read the description. — “doesn’t require any programming skills” okay now read the article, I guess in a way its true, no real programming skills were required. I cringed when I saw the title –Tips & Tricks of Learning Ternary Operators. This weeks sampling of code made me really appreciate this — Licence to release PHP code?

Oh and this might come in handy if you have a blog and use feedburner,. Making Your Own FeedBurner Chicklet (PHP).

Everybody has opinions

I guess its just time to dig up old arguments, like Template Engines vs. PHP, some opinionated views on what makes good and bad code in Another 7 deadly sins for PHP. And lets see if we can figure out Why do open source web apps suck? Well all of them don’t suck but some do, I’m not quite sure that the title of the article really has anything to do with the content. It certainly was good link bait though and a few people bit with Open source web apps *do not* suck and To use Open Source or not.

Top Ten stuff

Do the people who write these top framework review type things ever do anything but the most trivial of research? All-Out Code Edit War: What’s the best Web-developer’s Code Editor out there?. What about tools? 10 tools for Modern PHP Development hit all the common ones but didn’t really dig too deep. All in all I just don’t get much out of the Top Ten type things.

Career advice

Coding horror article on Paul Graham’s Participatory Narcissism sheds some light on something a lot of programmers struggle with. The majority of us will not work in a startup and thats okay. repeat after me its okay. A Letter to an Aspiring PHP Programmer should have pointed out that you should do what you love, success and happiness will follow. Well in a perfect world it would anyway, but the language you learn today will probably not be the one you are using 10 years from now, being a solid well rounded programmer is the way to the big bucks. Oh oh oh! Does anybody enjoy being “openly mocked”? You might enjoy this article then The Wall of Fail. And last but not least here is some good advice The First Rule of Programming: It’s Always Your Fault never forget it! It saves so much time and even more conflict.

Well thats all for this week. I wish I had more time, I left out a few things that deserved mention, maybe I will sneak them in next week.


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  1. Chris Ravenscroft  March 26, 2008

    "It certainly was good link bait though and a few people bit with Open source web apps *do not* suck and To use Open Source or not."
    And now so did you ;)
    Are we (bloggers) an obsessive community or what?

  2. Doug Hill  March 26, 2008

    @Chris, I'm a sucker for controversy. Thats why I link to the good and the bad.


  3. Dave Marshall  March 27, 2008

    In my defence, I simply listed the tools I use. I didn't go too deep into the post, but it was a top ten list, not an article and I did ask for readers comments and thoughts to further expand the post, it just didn't happen.

  4. Doug Hill  March 27, 2008

    Hey Dave I was just bashing the top ten idea in general, I left a comment on your list, I use a lot of the things on your list. I was just wishing for more depth, I know nobody has time, I never do.


  5. Dave Marshall  March 27, 2008

    So you did! To be honest, I actually had plenty of time, I couldn't sleep so thought I'd write a post, but couldn't think of something decent to write about. Took the easy option, 'a top ten list'.

  6. Tim  March 28, 2008

    I absolutely love those roundups !! It's so much more fun to read than a bunch of links …

  7. Alex Moskalyuk  March 30, 2008

    Just want to second Tim. I enjoy reading these weekly.

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