PHP Weekly Reader – April 6th 2008

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April fools came and went, I didn’t get fooled. Thats sad, I love April fools day and this had to be the lamest year ever.

It was spring cleaning time this weekend so my computers were all unhooked and disassembled this weekend while everything was scrubbed clean. That spilled over into Monday which has now become Tuesday. That means everybody gets a break from my weekly reviews. Except this little tiny bit:

Subtle Digs

This caught my interest DHH on PHP. Maybe I’m just reading between the lines but “scales down” and “tackling that scope” isn’t exactly praise. I really don’t think that pointing to that blurb and saying “see, see.I told you PHP was good stuff.” is all that flattering to PHP. I wonder if anybody else thought it wasn’t? Immediacy and frameworks points out some advantages that this immediacy gives. I think people are a little confused when they compare a language (PHP) with a framework ROR)


I know this post got the short end of spring cleaning weekend. I promise next week will be uhhh… Better!


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  1. Jonathan Street  April 8, 2008

    I feel cheated. Any half decent blogger would have had this queued and ready to go out a week ago, well before the spring clean. ;)

    As regards the 'immediacy of PHP' I would like to think he merely didn't comment on how pretty PHP code can be and how easily maintained it can be because it fell outside the scope of his post and not because he doesn't think it is possible.

  2. Doug Hill  April 8, 2008

    HAAAHAAAA… oh my sides hurt, "queued" oh you make me laugh. Anyways I have banned all thinking for the rest of the week. Thats my REAL excuse.

    I get a kick out of mine is better than yours arguments though. When I was a kid just entering the airforce way back, I asked a pilot which fighter was better, an F-15 or F-16, he laughed his ass off for a while when he caught his breath he told me it didn't matter, the pilots skill was what REALLY mattered. That wasn't the answer I thought I'd get but I always remember that when these language wars crop up. Its your skill as a programmer that is the most important factor.


  3. Jonathan Street  April 8, 2008

    Hey what can I say, I thought with Google Australia demo'ing their new future search you may have made the most of the opportunity.

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