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Lukas Smith recently posted an article talking about the need for an organization within the PHP community saying:

There are is fundamental concept that I see in this vision:
emPHPower is a mediator and catalyst that empowers members of the community to follow their own ideas

Professional Organizations Matter

I have been a member of a much smaller organization which adopted a similar mission. The reputation and livelihoods of this group had been damaged by years of infighting, bad legislation and no clear vision of of the future, not all of these are problems we face in the PHP community but the concepts behind organization are the same.

We paid dues, hired lobbyists, and as a group decided the direction we would like to go in. Within a year of going from individuals without a consensus and almost no voice to a professional organized group we had achieved things well beyond our wildest expectations, so I can speak from direct experience –this works.

Knowing where you are going!

When these types of initiatives begin the first hurdle is deciding what the mission is and bringing a multitude of conflicting ideas into something cohesive and meaningful.

That is where Lukas is asking that the community get involved:

So I would like to open up discussion to the general community. I want, and obviously need the community, to participate in working out this idea. That being said, I am sure that it will be impossible to please everyone. To me the key is to keep a clear vision instead of trying to do too much. Also as opinions will differ, in the end it will take the dedication of a small group of people to pull this thing through.

I have some ideas about where I would like to go with such an organization. I would like to see greater involvement by the PHP community itself in promoting and establishing guidelines for certification, best practices and a higher level of professionalism. Thats not mentioned in the scope of the original article, but thats my personal interest in such an organization among other things.

Do you have other ideas? I’m sure your vision is not the same as mine or Lukas or then again it may be, nobody will know unless you step up and join the discussion, until you begin to participate this vision Lukas has will go nowhere.

Go read the original article and join in the discussion.

Oh yeah, did I mention I hate the name? Just kidding I know its just a “code” name, I just keep imagining trying to pronounce it.


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