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Thats where the containers are.

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My post awhile back asking about container libraries drew a “you don’t need them so why are you looking?” response. Well at least I know where they are now according to this announcement of new data structures in SPL.

I wish the documentation for the SPL was better, but I look forward to playing around with the new stuff anyways. In fact the documentation still has nothing.

Not sure I needed a whole post for this but I was glad to ...

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PHP – No Container libraries?

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Most compiled languages that I have used have some kind of container implementation, Lists, Maps, Trees, Stacks and all their many variations. PHP has arrays and the SPL.

This post is more of a question than anything else, are there disadvantages that I can’t see to having a standard container library for PHP? One problem that I can see is that containers built in user code will definitely be slower than a native implementation.

Am I ...

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