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Yes I’m still around! I am finally able to start working on the 60 days project I announced over 9 months ago. Yii will be the first framework up in the 60 days series. I would like to be able to give you specific reasons why I chose it but it just came down to picking one. My first choice was Kohana but they are on the verge of releasing a major update so I thought I might wait a bit.

I downloaded the framework and started the Yii blog tutorial, but I’m finding that while the concepts are pretty straight forward, the tutorial leaves out some important details so you have to do a lot of back and forth with the demo code to see what is missing.

I will be back in a couple days to update the details of the project.


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  1. EdwinF.  September 23, 2009

    Very good decision pal! YII rocks! (at least for me :-) )
    Good luck with it and enjoy it.

  2. Yvonne  October 10, 2009

    It is MY time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bruce  May 19, 2010

    Welcome to our camp ;)

  4. Meysam  January 23, 2011

    Good idea but You back so soon!

  5. Joleen  March 27, 2014

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.
    Thanks for providing this information.

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